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Our Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 243
Midlothian, VA 23113-0243


e-mail:  sales@richmonddaylilies,com
iT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU CARBON COPY this e-mail to: jbp3@comcast.net.
This will ensure prompt attention to your needs.

Landline: 804-379-1873 (After dark please, or between 6 and 8 AM)
We are in the Eastern Time Zone.



We are extremely flexible as to how orders are placed.  So long as the information gets conveyed to us, we can put it into a format of our preference at this end!

You have various choices:

The simplest:  An e-mail listing your wants, and your shipping address, and a telephone number at which you can be reached.  We can determine the shipping charges, and the total to be sent by check or money order to our P.O. Box Address.

We no longer will be using a standardized order form.

E-mail correspondence to be sent to:


with a recommended carbon-copy sent to: jbp3@comcast.net, to ensure prompt attention.

This will get you in the queue for anything that happens to be in short supply.

We can compute the order total including shipping, and will convey such information by e-mail reply.

Payment by personal check or money order to follow by snail mail.
Checks must clear before shipment, so please allow 7 to 10 business days before expecting shipment.

For those whose e-mail style is to send the message as an attachment:: There is an important CAVEAT to sending us any WORD document as an attachment.   We are using Window XP and Microsoft WORD in a 2003 version, which create and read documents with a .doc extension.  Our current computer does not have capability to use Windows 7 and WORD that provides .docx extensions.  One possible work-around might be to convert the file to a .pdf document.  We do have Adobe Reader here.

in this computer age, we do not anticipate receiving much in the way of snail-mail correspondence.  However, any such received will be processed, although anything sent to us hand-written will leave us having to rely on the legibility of your handwriting, to make sure we got your name and address correctly..

In any simple e-mail:
List daylilies desired, quantities, and approximate delivery times, and of course your name and address. (Payment to follow by snail mail as described under the other options.)  We will try to accommodate such requests, weather here permitting.  

Payment is to be by personal check or money order, made out to Richmond Daylilies and mailed to

Richmond Daylilies
P.O. Box 243
Midlothian, VA 23113 - 0243

Virginia Residents and those with shipping addresses located in Virginia must add 5% sales tax.
(No businessman likes to be a tax collector, but we gotta do it.)

Shipping Charges will be for Priority Mail as the default option.  Please consult us if Express shipping is desired.

Personal checks must clear before shipment is made.

Spring Shipments will occur between about March 15, 2012 and about June 1, 2012.
We will be shipping orders out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays if priority mail is specified, with an intended delivery to be not later than the following Saturday.  Daylilies do not like being kept in the dark!

Daylilies will be reserved in the order in which requests are received.  Although the numbers of dayllily fans available is limited, and would be rationed one per customer if demand were fierce, we may be able to provide multiple quantities of some of the cultivars. Please inquire for availability.
We no longer offer collections that would hold priority of availability over individual cultivars

Please note:  We will not absolutely sell out of anything, due to ongoing hybridization needs, and views to future sales.  Quantities are limited, relative to the number of potential daylily enthusiasts.  Order early if you do not want to be disappointed.  If we "sell out" our quota of daylilies marked for sale, it may be several years before further supplies of some of the cultivars can be made available.

ORDERS BY TELEPHONE.  Feel free to contact us by telephone. (804-379-1873, Eastern Time Zone, best after dark.)  This hybridizer certainly has used the method in the past.  Telephone conversations can quickly establish cultivar availability, suitability for ones particular growing regions (we have both dormants and evergreens here) and get one on the queue for delivery, or waiting list, as the case may be.