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FOR THOSE NEW TO DAYLILIES     We encourage anyone interested in daylilies who has not already done so, to join the American Hemerocallis Society.  Joining is easy: follow this link to and join online:  http://www.daylilies.org..  Among the many benefits are the four annual issues of the Daylily Journal which will introduce you to the entire world of Hemerocallis.  The daylily is truly the people's flower.  Anybody can hybridize them, and for a nominal fee, can register them with the American Hemerocallis Society, which is the internationally recognized Registering organization for the Genus.

A field of color.  A view of some of our seedlings.  We are evaluating these for possible Registration with the AHS, and some have already been registered!
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Follow this link (www.daylilies.org) to the AHS (Amercan Hemerocalllis Society) website.  Among its many fine features is the comprehensive database listing all daylilies that have ever been formally registered and named.  The AHS is the officially world-recognized organization responsible for the registration of all daylily culitvars.  We want to take this opportunity to salute our outstanding current Registrar, Kevin Walek.