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This section includes eyed daylilies that tend to be on the PURPLE, RED or PINK SIDE, as opposed to the other great classification, which involves YELLOWS and ORANGES, and which can be found in the EYED (ORANGE) DAYLILIES TAB.

2012 Pricing:

Diploids:                                                     Price              Number of Fans

CRIMSON BANDANA                                    $ 30                        2 F
EYE ON LUCKS LANE                                  $ 30                         2 F
EYE ON TRILITHON                                      $ 40                        2 F
SWIRLER (DOES NOT BELONG HERE)         $ 40                        2 F
THE BLUE IS MISSING                                 $40                         2 F

Tetraploids:                                               Price               Number of Fans

CUSTARD’S LAST STAND                           $ 50                        2 F
EYE FOR GREATNESS                                $ 50                         2 F
EYEFUL OF PLEASURE                               $ 50                        2 F
FAR FROM FLORIDA                                   $ 50                        2 F
IMMER WUNDERBAR                                  $ 60                        2 F
LOOK OF LAVENDER                                  $ 50                        2 F
NEATO                                                        $ 50                        2 F
PURPLE PANOPLY                                      $ 50                        2 F
STUDY IN PASTEL                                      $ 50                        2 F


CRIMSON BANDANA   (not really a purple, but put here for convenience)

CRIMSON BANDANA  (Paine 2010)                            $30.00 for 2 Fans

CRIMSON BANDANA  (Paine, 2010) height 24", bloom 3.75", season EM, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant,  Salmon petals and sepals, with crimson red band and green throat. (Gypsy Ballerina × Siloam Christmas Song)


EYE ON LUCKS LANE  (Paine 2010)                             $30.00 for 2 Fans

EYE ON LUCKS LANE  (Paine, 2010) height 26", bloom 4.75", season M, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant,  Pink bitone with prominent crimson eyezone and a huge green throat. (Today's Charm × (Trade-Last × Chantelle))  


EYE ON TRILITHON  (Paine 2010)                             $40.00 for 2 Fans

EYE ON TRILITHON  (Paine, 2010) height 31", bloom 4", season EM, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant,  Dark pink sepals with crimson eyezone and large green throat. (Siloam Ury Winniford × Charlie Pierce Memorial)


SWIRLER (Paine 2010)                                          $40.00 for 2 Fans

SWIRLER  (Paine, 2010)   Dormant Diploid Variant, Midseason Blooming.  6 ½ X 1 ¾ X 40 inches. Well branched, Fragrant.   Formerly Seedling:   DS 94-52  [91DS-1], Parentage:  LADY NEVA (Alexander-Moody) X COBURG FRIGHT WIG (Brockington).  Pollen fertile, but I have not had much luck setting pods; its difficulty in setting pods resembles its pod parent.
     It is amazing that any one-word daylily names are still available, let alone the name “SWIRLER”.  I was delighted to grab it for this.  SWIRLER resulted from a bit of persistence.  LADY NEVA reputedly was pod difficult if not pod sterile, but I did not know this when I started to use it.  As each of its buds bloomed up the scape in ascending order, each was pollenated and each failed to set a pod.  Except for the very last bud at the top of the scape.  That set a pod with COBURG FRIGHT WIG, the appropriate pollen in play on that day.  Out of the five seeds in the pod, came this Introduction.  


THE BLUE IS MISSING (Paine 2011)                                $40.00 for 2 Fans

THE BLUE IS MISSING (Paine, 2011)  height 25”, bloom 3.25”, season MLa, Semi-evergreen, Diploid, Fragrant. Heavy substanced ruffled near-white pony with a sharply defined reddish eyezone divided by paler midribs and dark green throat. (Polly’s Necklace X Today’s Charm) 

This flower was trying his best to be patriotic: He had the red, he had the white, but where was the blue?



CUSTARD'S LAST STAND  (Paine 2011)                            $40.00 for 2 Fans

CUSTARD’S LAST STAND (Paine 2011)  height 23”, bloom 5”, season M, Dormant, Tetraploid,.  Heavy flat pinkish cream, with bold crimson eyezone and gold to green throat.  (Custard Candy X Emperor’s Dragon)  (unless a bee got there first and selfed the bloom)    

(Very punny...)  Out of CUSTARD CANDY, but with some uncertainty as to pollen parent, since it was almost surely entered into my original breeding records as a typographical error: "STRAWBERRY CANDY".  I got both from Stamile the year he introduced them (he was still on Long Island at the time), little knowing that each would get the Stout Medal, back to back. The two new arrivals originally grew side by side in the garden. This one looks much like its pod parent, but the bloom size is distinctly larger.  This was my first good tetraploid seediling and it has been much used in my breeding programs.  I called it my first "hundred dollar plant", which it would have been had I introduced it while it was still in short supply. We have a bit more of it now.


EYE FOR GREATNESS (Paine 2011)                          $50.00 for 2 Fans

EYE FOR GREATNESS  (Paine 2011)  height 30”, bloom 5.5”, season M, Evergreen, Tetraploid, Very Fragrant.  Purplish pink, with dark crimson purple eyezone and yellow to green throat.  (Always Afternoon X Designer Rhythm)

This has ben a good parent, including such progeny as FAR FROM FLORIDA.


EYEFUL OF PLEASURE  (Paine 2010)                       $50.00 for 2 Fans

EYEFUL OF PLEASURE  (Paine, 2010) height 33", bloom 5", season MLa, Dormant, Tetraploid,  Light melon pink with purple band, pale petal midribs, partial purple edging, and a large yellow to green throat. ((Custard Candy × Emperor's Dragon) × Druid's Chant)  


FAR FROM FLORIDA   (Paine 2011)                           $50.00 for 2 Fans

FAR FROM FLORIDA  (Paine 2011)  height 33”, bloom 5.75”, season EM, Dormant, Tetraploid, Very Fragrant.  Pale lavender pink, with purple eyezone, large green throat and partial purple edging.  (Eye for Greatness X Regal Braid)


IMMER WUNDERBAR  (Paine 2011)                              $60.00 for 2 Fans

IMMER WUNDERBAR  (Paine 2011)  height 33”, bloom 4.5”, seasom M, Evergreen, Tetraploid, Very Fragrant.  Ruffled purplish pink with crimson purple eyezone and yellow-green throat.  (Always Afternoon X All American Plum)


LOOK OF LAVENDER  (Paine 2010)                            $50.00 for 2 Fans

LOOK OF LAVENDER  (Paine, 2010) height 28", bloom 4.5", season MLa, Dormant, Tetraploid, Fragrant,  Flat lightly ruffled pinkish lavender with purple crimson band and large yellow to green throat. (Queensland × Ida's Magic)  


NEATO  (Paine 2010)                                                 $50.00 for 2 Fans

NEATO  (Paine, 2010) height 31", bloom 4", season M, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid,  Pink, with darker veining, lighter petal midribs, and crimson band above a large yellow green throat. (Custard Candy × Ida's Magic)  


PURPLE PANOPLY  (Paine 2011)                                 $50.00 for 2 Fans

PURPLE PANOPLY  (Paine 2011)  height 29”, bloom 6”, season MLa, Evergreen, Tetraploid, Fragrant.  Lavender purple with darker veining and an almost-blue purple eyezone, and large green throat.  (Arabian Magic X Moonlit Masquerade)

A purple pony of exquisite color, form and substance, of which the color digital photography is hopeless to render correctly.  Excellent branching and budcount.  Tragically, I have had little luck in breeding with it, although its pollen has not gone as far through the planting fields as it should have.  I have yet to see a pod on it.


STUDY IN PASTEL  (Paine 2010)                              $50.00 for 2 Fans

STUDY IN PASTEL  (Paine, 2010) height 34", bloom 5.25", season Mla, Dormant, Tetraploid, ,  Lavender pink with darker veining, bold pale midribs, lavender halo, narrow gold bubbly edge, pale pink sepals and large yellow to green throat. (Royal Braid × Startle)