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Here we present all of our purple and lavender daylily introductions that do not have prominent eyezones.  Those daylilies with purple eyezones are listed among the EYEDS (PURPLE).

2012 Pricing:

Diploids:                                      Price            Number of Fans

EYE ON TRILITHON                        $ 40                 2 F
LAVENDER LUCK                           $ 40                 2 F
MAROON TWISTER                        $ 25                 2 F
PURPLE PEOPLE                           $ 25                 2 F
PURPLED TOGA                            $ 25                  2 F
ROAD RAGE                                  $ 75                 1 F


EYE FOR GREATNESS                  $ 50                 2 F      Details with PURPLE/EYEDS
FAR FROM FLORIDA                    $ 50                 2 F      Details with PURPLE/EYEDS
MMER WUNDERBAR                     $ 50                 2 F     Details with PURPLE/EYEDS
LOOK OF LAVENDER                   $ 50                  2 F
PURPLE PANOPLY                       $ 50                  2 F
PURPLE PLENTY                          $ 100               1 F

Digital photography cannot compare to the old Kodachrome for rendering the purples.  This is more purple than the image suggests.

EYE ON TRILITHON (Paine 2010)                                  $40.00 for 2 Fans

EYE ON TRILITHON  (Paine, 2010) height 31", bloom 4", season EM, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant,  Dark pink sepals with crimson eyezone and large green throat. (Siloam Ury Winniford × Charlie Pierce Memorial)

LAVENDER LUCK  (Paine 2011)                             $40.00 for 2 Fans

LAVENDER LUCK  (Paine 2011) 

This image incorrectly makes the cultivar appear brick red. The true color is a brownish purple.

This one is Late and Tall. Also extremely vigorous.

MAROON TWISTER   (Paine 2010)                       $25.00 for 2 Fans

MAROON TWISTER   (Paine, 2010) height 55", bloom 6.25", season MLa, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, Fragrant, Unusual Form Crispate-Cascade,  Purplish brown with darker purplish brown eyezone, pronounced dark veining and huge green throat. (Wuthering Heights × Orchid Corsage)


PURPLE PEOPLE  (Paine 2010)                                $25.00 for 2 Fans

PURPLE PEOPLE  (Paine, 2010) height 21", bloom 5", season M, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant,  Leathery dark purple self, hint of lighter midrib, and a yellow green throat. (Royal Ebony × Auspicious Beginning)

PURPLED TOGA  (Paine 2010)                                  $25.00 for 2 Fans

PURPLED TOGA  (Paine, 2010) height 25", bloom 4.5", season M, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant,  Medium dark purple with darker veining, narrow darker band, and yellow-green throat. (Purple Rain Dance × Auspicious Beginning)

ROAD RAGE  (Paine 2010)                             $75.00 for 1 Fan

ROAD RAGE  (Paine, 2010) height 36", bloom 7", season M, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant, Unusual Form Crispate,  Dark maroon with darker veining and with a huge yellow-green throat. (Maroon Twister × Damsel in Distress)  

PURPLE PANOPLY (Paine 2011)                         $50.00 for 2 Fans

PURPLE PANOPLY (Paine 2011)      
Lavender purple with darker veining and an almost-blue purple eyezone, and large green throat.

column 2

My digital camera refuses to do justice to the purples. This one really is purple, not red, and one of my best in this color range.  I have not yet succeeded in setting pods on it.  Its pollen parent was a red pony seedling that conveyed marvelously round form to its progeny.

PURPLE PLENTY  (Paine 2010)                          $100.00 for 1 Fan

PURPLE PLENTY  (Paine, 2010) height 33", bloom 4.25", season La, Dormant, Tetraploid, Fragrant, 29 buds, 7 branches,  Purple petals and sepals, grading into a darker purple eyezone, and bright green throat. (Mindanao Deep × (Arabella × unknown))